Layar Creator: Smarter Pricing and New Clickable Carousel Widget


1. Smarter Pricing


As you already know, Layar has the most straightforward and transparent pricing model for creating interactive print. Today, we’re making this pricing even better, with smarter pricing in the Layar Creator.

Starting today, you’ll see some improved payment options when publishing your campaigns. This is part of our continued effort to provide the best experience to our users throughout the publication process.

Previously, when publishing a “Pro” campaign, you could pay for each individual page or purchase a bundle of 100 pages. Now we’ve added three additional smaller bundles, each with their own discounted price. Buying 10, 20, 50 or 100-page bundles saves you €10, €40, €150 and €500 respectively. The more pages you buy, the bigger the discount.

We’ve even taken the guesswork out of purchasing bundles with smart pricing when you publish your campaign. Need to publish a campaign with 32 pages? Previously that campaign would cost 32 individual pages, or €480.

Now we automatically offer bundled pricing – in this case, one 10-page bundle, one 20-page bundle and 2 individual pages – saving you €50 in the process! Or simply buy a 50-page bundle and use the remaining pages for your next interactive print campaign while saving €150.

If you have special pricing needs (e.g., bulk orders) there’s a handy link to get in touch with our sales team right from the payment screen in the Creator.


2. Clickable Carousel Widget



In the Creator, you will also notice a new widget called "Clickable Carousel" under "Media" button category. You can now upload up to 10 images (JPG or PNG) and each image can link to various destination. The differences between the "Clickable Carousel" and the "Image Carousel" widget are: 

  • a url link is attached to each image in the "Clickable Carousel" widget.
  • When an image in the "Clickable Carousel" widget is clicked, the url associated with this image will be launched.


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