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In the coming weeks, a LOT of great new things will be coming to the entire Layar platform. Soon you’ll see an all-new version of the Layar App for iOS and Android, a completely new website, and a company-wide rebranding, including a new logo, new Creator buttons and new calls-to-action.

With the simultaneous launch of a new app, a new website and a new logo, we are stepping into a whole new era in Layar history. We’ve come a long way since introducing the Layar Creator just over a year ago. Augmented reality is no longer the future, it is here now and lots of our customers and partners have embraced interactive print in their core strategies.

As members of our amazing community, this is your exclusive sneak peek at what’s coming to Layar.

The New Layar 8.0
With the all new version of Layar App,we’ve taken a huge step forward with an entirely re-imagined interaction and interface design. Both the look and feel, as well as the core navigation of the app have been redesigned to be cleaner, faster, easier and more friendly for users.

But what does this mean for developers? For starters, in our new navigation, we’ve placed scanning and Geo Layers on a more even playing field, making it easier for users to discover all of the great content produced on the Layar platform. The improvements to the design and flow of the app make for a better user experience, which makes for happy users who will come back for more content.



New functionality: Recent Content
We’re not just adding a new coat of paint on our existing app, the new Layar 8.0 has some great new features, like our new Recent Content section. This feature provides users with a handy list of the content they’ve interacted with in the Layar App so they can revisit this content again later on.

If a user scans a page and watches a video or clicks on a link, we save those items to their device so they can watch the video again or revisit a link later without scanning the page again. The same thing goes for QR Codes and Geo Layers scanned or viewed by the user.



In with the new...
As we improve upon the user experience, we must make room for new features by removing redundant or unnecessary functionality. In the new Layar 8.0, Geo Layers are opened with a single tap; no longer is an information screen shown before the layer is opened.

Because of this, lists of layers will now display a short description instead of the developer’s name. Users can view a layer’s full information and description from within the AR view using our new navigation interface.


In Layar 8.0, users can discover Geo Layers either by searching for them or by browsing lists of recommended and recently viewed layers. The lists of Favorite, New and Popular layers will no longer be present. In the end, these changes make it easier for users to navigate and find Geo Layers, and make it easier for your layers to be found, as long as you use proper and descriptive keywords in your layer names, and descriptions.

Here are some tips for optimizing your Geo Layers:


  1. Craft a good, short description for your layer.

  2. Use relevant tags in the Layar publishing environment.

  3. Make it easy for your users to view your layer with a direct Layar intent link (try it in a QR code or with the Layar Creator!)

Other deprecated features include:


  • The grid and list view options for Geo Layers.

  • The Category section for layers.

  • The Popular, Favorite and New Layers sections.

We also have some new minimum requirements. Layar 8.0 will only support devices running Android 2.3.3 or later, or iOS 6 or later.

Based on our user testing, we feel these changes, additions and removals all combine to create a better, more user-friendly experience. If you have questions about the upcoming changes in Layar 8.0, please don’t hesitate to contact Developer Support.

A New Home

Soon, when you visit, you’ll find an entirely redesigned and restructured website that best suits all visitors to our site: developers, Creator users, Layar App users, partners and anyone else interested in learning about Layar and AR.

By providing a wealth of examples, customer experiences, facts and figures, case studies and all other relevant content for our various audiences, we feel that we are the best in class for interactive print and the experts in augmented reality. We share with you what we know and have learned. Our expertise becomes your expertise.

Along with an improved structure that makes it easy for visitors to quickly navigate to the content and information that matter to them most, we’ll also have some new additions to the website. We’ll have all new sections devoted to showcasing the latest news, blogs, cases and examples in an organized and visually appealing way, as well as new homes for Developers and products like the Layar Creator and the Layar App.

Keep an eye on in the coming weeks to see our fresh new home on the web!

All New Logo, Branding & Style

Say goodbye to the clouds


As you’ve likely already noticed in this preview, we’ve come up with a whole new Layar logo. We’ve wiped the slate clean and started fresh with this new logo, and we’ve kept our users and customers in mind while doing so.

The new logo does away with the cloud shapes around the “layar” text. We found that it became harder to see and read when used in small sizes as part of calls-to-action. Our new logo – the “layar” text with “ar” in a rounded box – is perfect for use with calls-to-action in many variations.

The Layar App has a new icon as a result, as we use just the “ar” part of the logo to claim augmented reality for Layar on the home screens of iOS and Android users around the world. Layar is nearly synonymous with augmented reality, and our new app icon reflects this.

New default Creator buttons


As mentioned earlier, the visual style of both the Layar App and the website have seen a nice clean refresh, and the same is coming to the Layar Creator shortly. First, however, we will be updating the default buttons in the Creator to have a flat, clean look to match the App, website and future Creator design.

All buttons used after we push these changes will feature these new buttons, but older campaigns with the old style will retain the older button style. If you want to update old buttons to the new look, you can do so by editing the page in the Creator.

Improved calls-to-action


And, of course, our rebranding wouldn’t be complete without updates to some of the most important visuals of them all, our calls-to-action. We’ve updated our most recent batch of call-to-action artwork to feature our new logo and use it in new ways to promote your interactive print content.

The new calls-to-action will be made available shortly, but if you’re already working on a project that will release later in August, please contact us to request early access to the new artwork.

That’s a lot of new stuff! We’re very exciting to be bringing these amazing new features, designs and possibilities to our developers, users and customers. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks as we share them with the world.


Best Regards,

The Layar Team

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