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Dear All,

As you know, the developer support team here at Layar is dedicated to providing the best service and support that we can. Currently, we have two of us, Slava and Xuan. To help us improve our support, we would love if you could take a few minutes to fill out a brief survey on developer support.

Please follow this link to take our survey!

And now... a few bits of news and notes about developer support.

Support Notifications

We have already received some feedback about not being able to get notified on new questions/updates. The solution we have now is that for each forum, developers can subscribe for RSS feeds and choose to notified via email. This will make sure that you get the latest updates on time.

NOTE: This means that you will have to subscribe for each forum individually. Please let us know whether this solution is satisfactory, otherwise we would love to hear from you on any suggestions that will make it better.

Share the Wealth!

Currently, the developer support environment is set up to engage the communication of the whole developer community. Developers are encouraged to ask questions in forums and to also help each other. Layar staff will also provide assistance.

In order to get your questions answered quickly, please only submit a support ticket when the content is confidential or private. From now on, we will start making a support ticket public if we dont think the content falls into this category so that other developers can also benefit from the answers.

A Note About Emails

We still see that some developers are asking questions using or Since this is the environment for end users, we strongly recommend layar developers to use the new developer support environment.

And once again, we would very much appreciate it if you could take a few moments to provide some feedback in our developer support survey.

Thank you very much!

The Developer Support Team

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