Clarifying API v6.2


It has become clear that our previous email regarding Layar API v6.2 requires some clarification, so here are a few details that will hopefully make things a bit more clear.

Layar API v6.2, Clarified

  • The announcement to change the API for Vision layers is made with the release of v6.2, but it is not yet effective in Layar v6.2. We deprecated a number of features because we won't support them in the future, but the features are still fully supported in v6.2.
  • The reason for not mixing Vision and geo in one layer is purely based on user experience testing and feedback we received from users. Vision and geo are two completely different modes of using Layar for the user. In one case, the user holds his phone over a page in a magazine (for example). In the other, the user is standing holding his phone up like a camera and looking for things around them. These two uses lead to different behavior and that is why we have decided to separate them.
  • Vision is not as easy for most users to understand. Cluttering their view with more options would only make that more difficult. We believe the best Vision experience is directly in context with the image being augmented. No BIW, no filter options, no extra actions outside of the visible augmentation, etc. Users are less likely to understand them.
  • You can still mix geo and Vision in one experience. Create two layers and link between them using actions. This will allow the user to switch between the two modes while at the same time enabling the content provider to clearly tell the user what is going to happen (e.g. "Now look around you!" when switching to geo-mode).

We still believe location is extremely important contextual information in all cases. Content providers will still receive location information and can make their content location-aware, even within vision layers.

It is never easy to remove features from a product. But when the features lead to confusion for end-users, it is best to make the product simpler. We still believe that the possibilities for Layar developers to make amazing and surprising experiences for their users remain endless.

Thanks! We apologize for any confusion regarding Layar API v6.2.

The Layar Team

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