Update to Terms and Conditions for publishers and developers

We have updated the Terms and Conditions for Publishers and Developers, taking into account feedback we've received from our users and with the goal of clarifying any inconsistencies. We have:

- Removed the clause allowing us to close a Developer or Publisher account at any time at its sole discretion
- Added an explanation that we will always do our best to ensure our services perform well and free of defects, even though we cannot give warranties
- Clarified how changes to these T&C will be made available and communicated in the future
- Added that upon publication, we will host the content for one year and have the right to unpublish the content after one year (it was previously undefined what our obligations were after publication)
- Added limitations of liability for users of the Layar App Service and the Layar SDK
- Added a clause that the Layar App Service and Layar SDK contain a "credits" page that may not be removed.
- Added the requirement for Layar to ask explicit approval before using 3rd party's content and marks for promotional purposes

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