Layar SDK Essentials

What is the Layar SDK ?

The Layar SDK is a static library that implements the Layar Vision functionality of Layar into your own iPhone and/or Android app and presents the Augmented Reality view to the user. The biggest advantage of this solution is that publishers/developers can offer the engagement of interactive print to users within the context of your brand. Instead of instructing users to download the Layar App, you can bring the interactivity of Layar directly to your app without the need to code it all yourself.

The Layar SDK is available on both Android and iOS platforms and can be used to present:

The Layar SDK is NOT free of charge. The detailed pricing scheme is mentioned here. However, to help you have a better understanding of the SDK and the amount of effort you need to spend, you are very welcome to download the technical documentation below:

Please NOTE that you are expected to have good android and/or iphone app development skills in order to adopt the Layar SDK. For technical questions regarding integrating the Layar SDK, please check out our devsupport page.

The Steps to get access to Layar SDK

  • Check out the Layar SDK documentation above  determine whether it is the right tool for your business.
  • Fill in the online form to request access to the Layar SDK. Our business development team will get in touch with you shortly to evaluate your request and provide you with the key. With the Key you will be able to integrate the Layar SDK into your apps on both Android and iOS platforms.
  • The key is attached to your Layar account. All created and published Pro campaigns using the Layar Creator and vision/geo layers on the publishing site under the same Layar account will be available in the Layar SDK.
  • You will get 30 days trial period to play with the SDK before proceeding with the purchase. During this trial period, you can use the SDK without limitation. The key will expire after 30 days if no purchase is arranged with Layar. This means all of your content will not be visible in the SDK anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Is the Layar SDK free?

Answer: No, the Layar SDK is not free. We charge a annual license fee that also covers updates to the Layar SDK to include new features and improvements. However, every Layar SDK comes with a 30 day free trial period. For more information about the key, see below: Why do I need a key to use the Layar SDK? and  Do I have to pay upfront for the Layar SDK?

  • Do I have to pay upfront for the Layar SDK?

Answer: No, each Layar SDK comes with a key that is valid for 30 days. In this 30 day trial period you can use the Layar SDK without any limitation before you decide whether to continue to use the Layar SDK in your application. After 30 days the key will expire, and the created content will no longer be visible in your app unless an annual license is purchased.

  • Can I use the key given by Layar in my iPhone and Android app ?

Answer: Yes, you can use the key for one iOS app and one Android app. The key is linked in our system to one app per platform, that’s why we ask you to provide us the specific IDs of your app for each platform. If you want to use the Layar SDK in another app you should apply for a new key. If you use the same key in multiple iPhone or Android applications our system will invalidate your key immediately.

  • Can I pay less if I only create an iOS app and no Android app?

Answer: No, the price is per app title and includes all operating systems.

  • Are there any terms of use regarding the SDK?

Answer:  Yes, by integrating our SDK in your own application you agree to our Terms and Conditions

  • Which content does the Layar SDK support?

Answer: The Layar SDK supports both Vision  and Geo-location content. This means that all published Pro content from campaigns created with the Layar Creator or Vision/Geo layers that are built on top of our API are supported. The Layar SDK supports:

    • 3D and animation

    • HTML widgets
    • Image carousel  
    • Twitter feeds
    • AR video
    • And much more
  • Does the Layar SDK show all the content related to my account?

Answer: The keys are distributed on an account level so all your published Pro content is available in the SDK. We suggest that you create a new account for now if you want to avoid displaying other content or if you're developing apps for third parties.

  • How do I test my SDK?

Answer: The Layar SDK contains no way to login so campaigns and Vision layers need to be tested via the Layar Browser. Since the code base for the Layar SDK and the Layar Browser are the same we know that if it works in the Layar Browser it also works in the Layar SDK.

  • Are there any hardware or software requirements for the Layar SDK?

Answer: Yes, we have the following requirements per platform:
The Layar SDK supports Android 2.2 and above. It was developed and tested using the Android Developer Tools (ADT) v21 and uses Android 4.2 (API level 17) as the targetSdkVersion. More detailed information about hardware requirements and required permissions can be found in the documentation named the Layar SDK for Android.
The Layar SDK supports iPhone 3GS or higher, iPad 2 or higher. The mentioned devices must run OS version 5.1 or higher. It was developed and tested using Xcode 4.5 using the iOS SDK 6.0. More detailed information about hardware requirements and required permissions can be found in the documentation named the Layar SDK for iOS.

  • Is it possible to customize the camera view?

Answer:  Yes, it’s possible to change the UI elements and strings in the SDK. This allows you to use custom UI elements or localize the camera view in any language. However, you are not allowed to hide or alter the “powered by Layar” logo.

  • What kind of support do I get for the SDK ?

Answer: We provide support for issues related to the Layar SDK and how to integrate the Layar SDK in your projects. We do not provide support for questions regarding how to build an iPhone application or Android application from the ground up.

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