How can I create a layer ?

There are three ways to create your own layer:

  • Do It Yourself

    1. Create an account and confirm at
    2. Go to and click the “Become a Developer” link
    3. Fill in the form and accept the terms and conditions to sign up
    4. Click on “My Layers” (top right of the page)

    All the detailed technical documentation is located at

  • Use Third Party Layer Creation Tool

    1. Review the available tools.
    2. Choose the one you like the most.
    3. Start creating a layer following the instructions from the third party
    4. Check our showcases for inspiration, then get started!
  • Hire a Layer Developer

    1. Review our list of partners and developers.
    2. Contact the one that fits you best.
    3. Check our showcases for inspiration, then get started!
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