Getting started with the publishing environment


The publishing environment is the place to create, edit, test, publish and manage your layers. Once you've setup your server you can connect your server to our publishing environment with the POI url. Once you've done this you can start tweaking and adjusting your layer. The detailed description of the publishing site is documented here.


Create your layer
Once you have access to the publishing environment you can start creating your first layerPlease always create your layer against the latest API documentation.


Edit your layer
In total, there are 7 tabs to edit your layer.


  • Overview - The basic information about this layer, such as layer type,Visibility and layer icon.
  • API - Mainly the POI URL for developer's web service that provides hotspots response.
  • Matadata - Mainly Layer listing on the phone.
  • Graphics - Manage the appearance of the Camera view on the phone.
  • Settings - Set up filter settings for a layer.
  • Permissions - Assign different publisher and add viewers to a layer.


If your layer uses Layar Vision, you will see two extra tabs, "Pages" . Detailed explanation can be found here on the documentation site.


Test your layer
On the publishing site, we provide the API test page which helps test the request/response from your web service and see the Layar server's logs to track down any issues. To open the API test page, click on the "Test" button for a layer in the publishing site environment. More information about this test page can be found here.


Publish your layer
Before you publish your layer you'll have to make sure you go through this checklistOnce your layer is readyyou can publish the layer


Manage your layer
Once you've published your layer you can still tweak your layerNext to that you're able to the performance of your layer when it comes to traffic and sales (in case of a paid layer). In the tab "stats"  you can find the desired information.


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