Can I get statistics regarding my layer ?

Affected Environment: Layar publishing site, "My layers" -> "Stats&Errors".

Layar platform provides basic statistics for published layers:

  • Total requests per week
  • Requests per country per week
  • Unique visitors per week

- Total views: Every time someone starts/opens a layer, it's counted as one view. So if I'm in the catalog and I select a layer and then click launch, this creates 1 view event. Or if a user goes to his favorites or recents and selects a layer from there it will also create a view event. Idem if a user scans something which opens a vision layer.

- Requests: Number of getPOIs requests sent to your web service.

- Unique visitors: Number of unique users that open the layer during a specific period. We distinguish users by deviceId.

We are working hard to provide more advanced and comprehensive statistics for layer developers to have a better insight on their layer performance. 

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