Why don't I see any POIs in my layer in Layar client ?

Here are some common mistakes we found that are being made. If you don't see any POIs appearing in the client, please check the following points:

  • Use the API test page to check any server errors. If you are seeing "no content available" error message, it is mostly an error in the JSON response from your service.
  • Only return parameters that are needed including mandatory ones in the response. For optional parameters that are not used, remove them from the JSON response. See the API documentation.
  • Check whether you return the right anchor values, geolocation, referenceImage keys. 
  • For Vision layers, make sure that you assign at least one augment in hotspots.object for each reference image.
  • For Geo-location layers, check that the imageUrl you return is a valid URL or null.
  • For Geo-location layers, check that the POIs you return are within the 'scope' of the current view. If you return POIs outside of the requested range, the client will not show them, although you might see POIs are returned on the API test page.
  • Validate your JSON: Make a log of your server request/responses, copy our request and replicate the request from your own browser. Take the response into a JSON validator (don't forget to use the 'View source' option, you may not see the entire response in your browser window).
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