How to make good CIW icons ?

In the Layar publishing environment, custom indicator widgets can be added under the Look & Feel tab. These icons can be used to replace the default circle icons which represent a POI in the Camera view.

Instructions for making a good custom CIW:

     Your icon should be build in the following way in order to stand out regardless of the background the camera is pointing at:

  •  Make a clear icon, preferably plain color, that fits in a 1.) 90x90 pixels box for the focus and inner icons, 2.) 60x60 pixels or 3.) 40x40 pixels, respectively, for the middle and outer icons.
  • These transparent icons fit in their respective templates: 1.) 110x110, 2.) 76x76, 3.) 56x56
  • Add a two pixels white border around the icon.
  • Add an eight pixels black drop shadow, at 40% opacity .

     Some guidelines:

  • For the focus icon, use a color that matches your BIW, this is more pleasing to the eye.
  • For the inner, middle and outer icons, use three colors with the same base color, fading to lighter colors for the icons further away. This gives a more realistic image.
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