How to publish my developer profile ?

In order to increase your visibility to potential business, Layar developers can make their profiles public. All public profiles are listed under on layar website. You can publish your profile by following the steps below:

  1. Log into the layar publishing site with your layar developer account. You will have the chance to enable your developer role if you are not a developer yet. 
  2. Click on "My layers" next to your account. my_layers_button.png
  3. Next to "Layers" tab, click on "My information" tab.my_info_tab.png
  4. On the "Publisher Information" page, fill in your information under "Public profile" tab.
  5. Check "Publish Developer Info" and save the settings.


  6. If the saving is successful, you should be able to see your profile in the developer list mentioned above.

Here are some tips to make the best use of your profile:

    • Upload a company logo and insert your company website.
    • Make a selection of your best campaigns/layers and include them under "Developed layers."
    • Keep the description under "Specialties" short and to the point.
    • Select your country from the drop-down box.

The list of developer profiles sees a lot of traffic, so it's one of those places where you as a Layar developer want to be visible to acquire some Layar business!

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