Are there any tips on returning Geo POIs that are most relevant to the user ?

In Layar clients, we have restricted returned number of POIs to 50. The reasoning is that user experience drops if there are more POIs returned. The questions now is how to make sure that we are returning the most relevant POIs for users.

There are a few tips that you can try:

1. Use combination of filters, this should be very helpful if they are well defined.
2. Use refresh interval parameters, you can choose to refresh the layer according to time or distance difference. Only return Geo POIs that are most relevant to users' current location.
3. You can also implement a layer/POI level action like "get more of this type of POIs" or "get more POIs related to this company", etc. You can use this action to refresh/update the layer (using layar:// intent) to return another set of POIs.

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