Testing Guidelines for Campaigns

Before publishing a campaign, it is incredibly crucial that you have tested it thoroughly using the Layar reality browser on a device. To test your campaign on a device, please follow the steps below:

  • In the Layar Creator, make sure that you have saved your pages successfully and you are on the test mode.
  • Download the latest Layar Reality Browser app from Android, Play Store or iPhone App Store. If possible, we strongly suggest testing using both Android and iPhone devices.
  • Launch Layar and log in with the same account with which you use the Layar Creator.
    • On Android, press the physical settings button and click on "Account". After logging in, press the physical back button or the icon next to Account to return to the scan mode

1. Press the physical settings button on the device


2. Login with your Layar account

    • On iPhone, press the icon below the scan button to see the settings. Under the settings page, click on Account to login.


1. Click the icon on the right to see the Settings button


2. Under the "Settings" page, click "Account" to login using your Layar account

  • In the Scan mode, focus on the actual page and tap "Scan" in the middle of the screen. When your campaign loads, focus on the page again and your buttons should appear. NOTE: If there is more than one match on a page, a list of results is shown.  Select yours by clicking the Title of the campaign.

Here are some guidelines that will help make your campaign more appealing to users. 

  • The quality of the pages uploaded to the Layar Creator

In order to provide an optimized user experience, it is essential that you upload high quality images to your campaign. We have prepared a best practices guide for creating good pages here. Please make sure that you have created your pages based on these instructions.

  • Is the Layar logo placed in the right position ? Can users easily find it and know what to do with it ? 

It is important to teach users how to use Layar in order to see your beautiful AR content. It is strongly recommended that you include instructions on how to use the Layar app to view your campaign. Furthermore, existing Layar users quite often use the Layar logo to identify augmented content. We have prepared style guidance on how to prepare these instructions so that users can easily find hidden AR content and enjoy it. We have also created a Best Practices Guide that explains this in more detail.

  • Have I placed the AR augments (buttons) in the right spots ?

Every page is different. Where you choose to place your buttons is less of a technical decision and much more an aesthetic one. Place your buttons where it makes the most sense to you and the end user. It should look natural in context with the physical object, but should not blend in so much that the user can't immediately find it. However, we do have one technical suggestion: buttons function better when placed on more visually busy images and NOT on blank spaces that lack features.

  • Does my campaign function correctly ?

Please make sure that you have tested every single button, video and image to see whether they function properly. For instance, a website button should link to the right web page (preferably a mobile friendly one), a video can be played successfully on the device, an email button has the right email address, etc.

  • Does my campaign offer good user experience ?

As a campaign creator, it is easy for you to know what to expect while viewing your own campaign. However, is it the same to users who have not seen it before? Try to consider yourself as a user or let other people help you test your campaign. Is user interaction smooth? Are there any unexpected actions, such as auto-triggered events before knowing what it is about? Are there too many buttons on one page? Is there any action that is missing? Do custom buttons have the right look and feel to match the actual print?


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