Tutorial 2 : Layar Creator Customising Buttons

Not only can you use our Standard Buttons but you can make your customise them! 

Once you drag and drop a button on your page you will see the following edit window:



In the URL section you can enter the url you want to set for the specific button.

In the Appearance section you can find two options, with either text button or Custom image.

If you select text colour you will show the default button. Using the colour palette you can change the its colour to any you like. The colour slider shows if you press to manually insert the colour code.


With our new button feature the Creator automatically suggests suitable button colours depending on the colours of the image you upload.



By selecting Custom image you are able to upload and add any image you like for the specify button:



You can either drag and drop the image or select it. once you select the file your image will appear immediately




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