Video Tutorial 4: How to use Dynamic Widgets ?



Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What kind of URL should I provide ?


This URL should point to the webpage that can be displayed in HTML Widgets. Only pages written in HTML, javascript, and CSS will be recognized. Availability of the page is checked inline and reported if 404 error is found, as a warning.

2. What's the maximum size of the viewport ?

The width and height of the viewport define the portion of the webpage visible to the augment in CSS pixels. Their values should match the page dimensions of your web page if you want to fully display it. We strongly suggest setting viewport to less than 300x400 pixels. Technically we allow a maximum viewport of 512x512 pixels.The image bellow shows how a page will be displayed if viewport's width and height values are smaller than the actual size in CSS pixels.

3. Does HTML widget support transparent background ?

Yes, it does. The background of a web page is rendered transparent if background color is set to transparent (in html or css). We recommend to set background color to transparent in CSS to avoid rendering issue on Android devices.

4. Can I put HTML widget on top of other type of buttons ?

Yes, HTML widget will also be rendered on top of other type of buttons. This means that it is not possible to put other type of button on top of an HTML widget.

5. What is supported and what is not ?

Now, with the support of HTML widgets there are countless possibilities of what can be created. As already mentioned, these are only limited to coding language and client feasibility. In light of this it is not possible from our side to fully test and document everything that can be supported. There are also differences as to what iOS and Android support natively, therefore we urge you to test on both platforms.

Our tests so far indicate that the following elements may cause issues and require special attention during development and testing:

  • Flash content (completely not supported)
  • Embedded audio and video (Flash not supported, some other video players are supported, please test your video player separately)
  • Forms 
  • Web storage
  • The canvas element

In general many of the new HTML 5 elements are not supported but it might be the case that few things may work. We are also curious as what works and does not. Please let us know! We will also update this topic in Customer Support environment so that you can see what works and does not. You are very welcome to share with us what you have created and tips & tricks!

6. Will the content of my page refresh automatically ?

The content of the pages does not refresh automatically within Layar. Please explicitly define that in your web page.

7. So now I do not need a website button i can just display my web page on top of a Page ?

Please note that, although HTML widgets indeed allow you to display entire web pages in AR ,we strongly advice you not to do so, since this will just result in poor user experience. It should instead be used to place little snippets of web content that can be dynamic and interactive.

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