Video Tutorial 5: How to create and add AR videos

Since we integrated the new user friendly Video Hosting feature to the Layar Creator there are now two different options to create and add AR videos to your interactive Layar campaigns.

1) Take a look at the video on how to use the Video Hosting feature :



2) For those of you who still prefer to convert and host videos on your own we recommend you to take a look at the steps below:

In this video, we explain how the AR video of LAYARED Magazine cover is made and added to the campaign in the Creator.

Key Notes:

1. Videos need to be hosted by you on a publicly available server

2. Videos need to be in MP4 container with h264 codec(encoded with Baseline profile level 3.1) for video and AAC codec for audio.The recommended resolution is 320x240 pixels. It should not be larger than 640x480 or 480x640 in resolution. You should always try to make the resolution as small as possible. It is recommended to have an AR video that is less than 5mb.

3. Not all the devices support AR video. In general, All Android devices running Ice Cream Sandwich (version 4.0+) and above support ARVideo, regardless of processor type. AR video was also tested on iPhone 4S and iPad 2 with iOS v5.0 and above. AR videos are supported in Layar v7.0 and above running on iPhone 4 as well. 

4. In the Creator, choose Video type of button under the standard button column.

5. Make sure that the preview image of the button has the same aspect ratio as the video itself. 

6. Please make sure to use the direct link to the video itself instead of the url of the webpage that contains this video. If you are not sure which link to use, please check with your website admin. 

AR video configuration using Handbrake:

1. Download latest Handbrake software that will run on your operating system. Handbrake is an open source video transcoder and available for Mac, Windows, Ubuntu and CLI. (The screenshots were taken from Handbrake v0.9.7)

2. Launch Handbrake and Click on "Source" icon to load the video that needs to be configured.

3. Under "Output Settings", set Format to MP4 file and make sure to enable "Web optimized" and "iPod 5G support"options

4. Set Video Codec to H.264(x264) and change the Average Bitrate to 500 kbps.


5. Click on "Audio" button to set the Audio Codec to AAC.


6. Click on "Picture Settings" to change the resolution size if it is larger than 480 x 640 or 640x480 pixels.

7. Click on "Start" to export the video file. Please make sure to save it with a different name as the original video since we have spotted an issue in Handbrake when overwriting the original video.



If you still experience issues with playing AR video after following the instructions above, please create a new topic under Layar Creator - Questions & Discussions or file a private question.

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