Style Guide and examples of how to use the Layar logo icon on your print

To help users discover your augmented content easily, we recommend that you also include the Layar Calls-to-Action pack within your print content. The attached manual contains examples and tips that demonstrate how the Layar Calls-to-Action can be used to help users discover augmented content on printed publications.

By applying these guidelines to your campaign you help us create and maintain a coherent and consistent image of the Layar brand.

Please download the Layar Logo that contains:

1. LayarLogo Flat .eps - This is the official Layar logo that you can use on the pages of your publication to inform readers that they can scan pages which you've enriched with the Layar Creator.

2. LayarLogo Grey .eps 


And the Call to Action Guideline  that contains:
1. call-to-actions_guidelines_v1.pdf - This style guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to place and use the Layar logo and CTA in your publication. We highly suggest reading this first!
2. assets/ Full Instructions.eps - This file is  artwork for instructions to show your readers how to use Layar with your publication. It's an easy four step process to download Layar, find pages, scan them and view your content.
3. Instructions Horizontal.eps - Same as above, but horizontal orientation.

4. Instructions Vertical.eps - Same as above, but vertical orientation.

5.  "QR code to download Layar" Folder - This is a folder of QR codes to use in order to download Layar.

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