Best practices for creating good pages

What is a good page ?

When you upload a page in the Layar Creator, the unique fingerprints on the page will be extracted and analyzed by Layar Vision technology, so that this page will be recognized by Layar Reality Browser apps. In order to give your readers a smooth experience while using Layar on your publications, it is very important to use pages that work well with Layar. We strongly recommend that you follow the tips below while designing your pages:

Do’s: The page should

  • contain enough graphical details, such as images. In other words, it needs to be visually busy when you look at it.

Don'ts: The page should NOT

  • have large portion of blank area
  • contain mainly texts or texts only
  • only contain graphics that look the same in any orientation, such as a shape of a circle
  • only contain graphics with repetitive patterns

Please make sure that multiple pages in the same campaign do not look too much like each other, for instance, half of the pages look the same or identical. If you plan to make your company business cards interactive, please see here for more guidelines.

When uploading the pages in the Creator, please do NOT upload the whole spread (double page) but single pages to get optimal user experience.

Good & Bad examples

Good Examples:


The pages below have characteristics that will give the best results: clear lines, variety of features, excellent image quality.


Good example 1- Cover page of a magazine


Good example 2 - catalog with product photos


Good example 3 - editorial page



Good example 4 - advertisement


Bad Examples:


  • Lack of enough graphical details with large portion of blank area


Bad example - large portion of the page is blank. Please make sure to add enough visuals to the page.


  • Print with mainly text



 Bad Example - Suggest only using the upper part of the page with graphics in the Creator.

Bad example: mainly contains text, suggest not using this type of page. Alternatively only upload the figure.

  • Graphic that looks the same in any orientation


Bad example: The different circles look too self-similar for the algorithm to tell them apart. Also, the overall shape looks the same from different orientations.

Bad example: the round circle shape makes it difficult to recognize the page.


  • Repetitive pattern


Bad example: the same design appears repeatedly on the page. Please NOTE that we do not distinguish different colors.

  • Indistinguishable Characteristics (including AR markers, QR codes and bar codes)



There are not enough distinguishing characteristics in this logo to properly track. Please NOTE that AR markers and QR codes will not be recognized as a single page. It is fine if the QR code only takes up a very small portion of the page.

Good Example - the entire page can be uploaded in the Creator. QR code only takes a small portion of the page.

  • Pages with similar design layout


Bad example - content too similar. Please try to minimize the similar part as much as possible. The recognition performance will be pretty bad when the camera is pointing at that similar part since Layar Vision is confused at what to render.


* Please Note that some of the examples in this guideline are taken from existing published campaigns. Please let us know if you (as the owner of these pages) would prefer not to include them. Thanks!


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