Tips on creating Business Card that is suitable for Layar

As you may already know, Layar Creator offers you the possibility to easily add digital content to your business cards. People can immediately reach you out by pressing the call button, sending an email to you, connecting with you on LinkedIn, following you on twitter, etc. We have made some guidelines on how to design business card suitable for Layar.

1. Avoid creating business cards that look too similar to each other. In many cases, business cards made for a group of people in the same company will have the same design and the only difference is the contact details. Layar technology currently is not suitable for recognizing texts only and it is difficult to distinguish business cards that look too similar to each other. Although we try our best to show the most relevant information, a potential issue would be that one's digital contact buttons will show up on another person's business card. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to minimize the similar parts as much as possible and add distinct elements to the design, for instance the photo of the contact person. The distinct elements should be dominant on the card.

2. Make sure that the business card contains enough features (visual details).
This is a general practice when creating a page. Traditionally, business card has simple design and only contains essential contact details (mainly texts). Lacking of enough details will have big impact on the tracking capability of Layar. This means that buttons might not show up or disappear from time to time. It is strongly recommended to add more graphical details to the business card. Please see Best Practices for creating good pages for detailed instructions.

3. Test it out in the Layar Creator before printing out the cards . If you have followed the suggestions above, you should be fine. However, the best way to make sure that everything is good is to test it. We strongly recommend that you test it out in the Layar Creator before printing out the actual cards. It is also a general practice that you should only publish the campaign when the pages are the final version.

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