Why can't I see the AR content in Layar Reality Browser ?

In some circumstances, you might not be able to see the AR content created using Layar Creator in Layar Reality Browser app. Please check against the following situations to see how to resolve the issue:

1. It may take a few minutes before Layar app will actually be able to recognize the page after you have uploaded the pages and put AR buttons on top of them. Layar app might show "getting results..." or not show any AR content when you scan the page. In this case, please wait for a little while and try it again. However, if you still could not see the augments after waiting for more than one hour or so, please try to delete the page and upload it again. 

2. Layar Reality Browser shows "no content available" message after scanning the pages. This is quite often an issue on our side, if you see this error message, please report it at Report an Issue forum.

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