What's the pricing for the Layar Creator ?

There are two options when publishing a campaign in the Layar Creator: Free and Pro.

  • Free publication means that Creator users can publish a campaign for free. However, the free campaigns will be supported by ads within the Layar mobile app. The content remains public for 60 days only.
  • Pro publication comes down to this: every page you publish within the Layar Creator costs 30 EUR. Check out is at the moment of publication. If you need to publish a lot of pages, you will have the option to buy bundles ranging from 10, 20 and 50 bringing the price per page down.  

You can also choose to get a subscription. This allows you to access professional-level features, including downloadable statistics, custom button management, advanced features and collaborative tools. Any pages you publish will remain active for the life of your Premium Account subscription.


Please note that publication is at the campaign level. As such, the user cannot select to add Free pages to a campaign published as Pro.

For Pro campaigns, you can always edit the digital content of the pages that are published already at no extra cost. However, if you decide to delete a published page, the number of remaining credits will not change. The deleted page is "lost" in this case. If you want to use an updated version of the same page, you will need to delete the current one and add another page. This new page is subject to the Pro pricing plan and you will have to purchase it in order to publish it, therefore we advise you to be extra careful and test your draft campaign very well before publishing it.

Please also NOTE that charges apply to digital campaign pages uploaded to the the Layar Creator and not printed copies.

You can always check out our pricing page for the latest update.

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