How to test a campaign on a device ?

Layar App is supported on Android and iPhone platforms.

Before publishing a campaign, it is very crucial that you have tested it thoroughly using layar reality browser on a device. To test your campaign on a device, please follow the steps below:

  • In Layar Creator, make sure that you have saved your pages successfully.
  • Download the latest Layar Reality Browser app from Android Play Store or iPhone Appstore.
  • Launch Layar and log in (Layers -> Settings -> Account) with the same account with which you use Layar Creator.
  • Tap "Scan" button in the navigation bar. Focus on the actual page and tap "Tap to View" in the middle of the screen. When your campaign loads, focus on the page again and your buttons should appear. NOTE: If there is more than one match on a page, a list of results is shown.  Select yours by the Title of the campaign.


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