Why do I see "no matches found" after scanning the page ?

Sometimes the layar app returns "no matches found" after scanning a page. This message itself means that the layar app can not find campaigns that contain this page. Here are a few things that you can check before reporting it as an issue:

1. The quality of the page. Not every page is suitable for tracking and please make sure that your page meets the requirements mentioned here.

2. Make sure that the scan covers the entire page that you have uploaded to the Creator and the scanned image is not blurry. Try to scan the actual paper print instead of the one on the computer screen.

3. If the campaign is still in draft, please make sure that you have logged in with the same layar creator account.  Please make sure that you have verified your account by clicking on the verification link sent to your email address associated with the layar creator account.

4. After 1st August, In a campaign, if there are still pages that are not published yet, scanning a published page will open up the campaign and only published pages will show digital content. If you scan the unpublished pages, you will get "no matches found" message. Please make sure that you have published all the pages in the campaign.

If you still get "no matches found" message after this, please do not hesitate to report it in the report an issue forum. Please let us know the campaign ID/ title and the page name in the Creator.

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