Can I edit a published Pro campaign ?

It is possible to edit the digital content in a published campaign. You can change/remove/add  buttons/videos/links etc at any time or even change country coverage. These changes will take affect immediately once you press the save button.If you test it using Layar app, please make sure to press the "scan" button to load the campaign again.

Please NOTE that every image you upload and publish is considered as a unique page. It is not possible to replace or edit this image but only to delete it. If you delete a published page and upload a new image (even though it might look like the deleted page), this is considered as a new page therefore you will have to pay for it. To help prevent this from happening, we strongly suggest testing the campaign thoroughly using Layar app and only publish a Pro campaign when the pages are the final version and you do not prepare to make any changes to the pages themselves.

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