IPhone Client v4.0

In this article, we will list all the important known issues found in Layar IPhone client v4.0. If Your issue is not listed here, please raise it under "Found a bug" -> "IPhone Clients".

  • Layar client crashes on IPhone 3GS running iOS 3.x. [fixed in IPhone v4.0.1 ]
  • Layar client performance issue (slow) on IPhone 4.
  • In Camera view, the bottom part is cut off after returning from video action. (IPhone - 692) [fixed in IPhone v4.0.1 ]
  • The auto-trigger action is displayed in the list view, if the autoTriggerOnly is true and the user is outside of the specified range. (IPhone - 672)
  • Crash in the layer categories when switching back to featured layers (happens when the Phone is left in standby with Layar app running). (IPhone - 690)
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