Android Client v4.0.4

In this article, we will list all the important known issues found in Layar Android client v4.0.4. 

If Your issue is not listed here, please raise it under "Found a bug" -> "Android Client". 

  • The radar in camera view seems blurry on high resolution devices. (Android - 1836)
  • The detailled BIW is not shown on click on the POI icon when "showSmallBiw" = False and "showBiwOnClick" = True. (Android - 1833)
  • Distance refresh not working properly in the AR view. (Android - 1810)
  • Could not play a youtube video from web page on Nexux S running Android 2.3. (Android - 1793)
  • Auto-triggered action: only the closest POI should be triggered when the user is within the auto trigger range of multiple POIs (Android - 1791)
  • No POI CIW icons on HTC legend (froyo running Android 2.2) (Android - 1769)
  • Layar client crashes on HTC legend (froyo running Android 2.2) (Android - 1767)
  • Japanese translation correction (Android - 1843).
  • When taking screenshots, the grid is shown in the screenshot. (Android - 1830)
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