Known issues in IPhone Client v5.0.1

On 18th April, 2011, we published Layar v5.0.1 to the Appstore. Here are the known issues in this version. Since it is a small update, most issues are from v5.0 release. This list will be updated regularly before we have the next update.

known issues:

  • Internal web view shows blank page on iOS4.3.1 (QAREV-101)
  • [Note]: This seems to affect some layers and the issue can be reproduced on iOS4.2.1.
  • Simple appearance animation is not working. (QAREV-105)
  • animation API is not applied to 2d objects in IPhone client(MAIN-1505)

  • Bird view/Eye view option is missing. (MAIN-1451)
  • Filters (custom slider and search box) have different parameter names in the getPOI request (MAIN-1402)
  • [workaround]: According to layer definition, filters like Custom slider should have CUSTOM_SLIDER, CUSTOM_SLIDER_1, CUSTOM_SLIDER_2 and so on as their parameter names in the getPOIs request. However, in the current IPhone client, the first custom slider will have CUSTOM_SLIDER_0 in the getPOIs request instead of CUSTOM_SLIDER. Therefore, some layers might not return any POIs in the IPhone client. The workaround is that in the web service, developers can implement a mechanism to interpret the difference. This bug should be fixed in the next update (not v5.0.1).
  • share button is disabled when sharing to facebook&twitter are disabled but sharing screenshot to dev is still enabled (MAIN-1488)

  • infinite loop when action type is application/vnd.layar.async and method is POST. (QAREV-151)

          [WorkAround]: Change the Method to GET will do.

  • Audio file launched by audio:// intent is not working in the web view. (QAREV-130)
  • OnCreate animation is not triggered when the object is first loaded in the camera view. (MAIN-1512)
  • Checkbox list order is wrong for some layers. (MAIN-1426)
  • Layer definition is not cached correctly after getting the new layer definition using the search function. (MAIN-1481)
  • sometimes layer icon is missing in the search result list (MAIN-1489)

  • '0 results found' status message shown before the getPOI request has even been made (QAREV-101)

  • Lighting of 3D models on iPhone effect too strong, there should always be a minimum lighting. (MAIN-1421)
  • Buttons icons shown reversed on the iPhone client (MAIN-743)
  • autotrigger action is not played completely in certain layer (MAIN-1395)
  • The same auto-trigger action is launched again when the layer is refreshed (the user is still in the auto-trigger range) (MAIN-1252)
  • Public layers can be found in search result regardless the countryCode parameter. (MAIN-1283)
  • No warning when location is disabled, client makes queries with lat/lon=0.000 (MAIN-469)
  • No localization support, only in English. (MAIN-954)

        [NOTE]: Other languages will be supported soon in the next small update.

  • Sometimes, layar crashes after waking device from sleep model. (MAIN-1214)
  • Layar app crashes while loading invalid 3d model.(MAIN-1272)
  • Design of layer detail page is not finished. (MAIN-435)
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