Known issues in Android Client v5.0.2

Here is a list of known issues for Android client v5.0.2. This list will be updated regularly before the next official release.

  • showBIWOnClick:false, POIs on map are not clickable. (actions are not fired.) (QAREV-155)

      [Fixed]: fixed in v5.0.3.

  • issue with playing audio files on HTC Desire. (QAREV-154)
  • JSON response is shown when action type is application/vnd.layar.async (QAREV-149)

      [Fixed]: fixed in v5.0.3.

  • Web page is not resized properly in web view (QAREV-147)
  • Sharing message dialog is messed up when the icon is too big. (QAREV-146)
  • Semi-transparent png image is not rendered in the camera view. (QAREV-139)
  • Force close on HTC Legend with Android 2.2
  • on HTC Legend, POIs with rel=true are not displayed in the camera view. (MAIN-966)
  • Youtube videos could not be played on HTC Hero with Android 2.1 update 1 (MAIN-946)
  • Improvements on GPS are needed. (MAIN-631)


  • "Reduced" 3d object is not visible in the AR view. (MAIN-1173)
  • A blank screen is observed after coming back from the call action. (MAIN-1227)
  • Acurracy:N/A is displayed in the status bar of the camera view (affects Samsung Galaxy S) (MAIN-1122)
  • 2dimages are not shown if the "rel" parameter in the Transform object is set to "false" and angle is set to 0. (MAIN-742)
  • Resolution issue with HTC Wildfire.

      [Won't fix]: This device is not supported at the moment.

  • A few issues reported on HTC Evo.
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