Known issues in IPhone Client v5.0.3 & V5.0.4

On 7th June, 2011, we published Layar v5.0.3 to the Appstore. Here are the known issues in this version. This list will be updated regularly before we have the next update.

  • iOS 5: Switching to list/map view brings the user to the layer information page. (MAIN-3894)
  • POI level sharing does not work properly when a layer has "show filters before launching layer" is enabled. (QAREV-211)

      [workaround]: Disable the "show filters before launching layer" option under Filters tab of the layer editing page.

  • "refreshInterval" is ignored when there is no POI returned in the initial getPOI response (QAREV-210)

  • Layer level 'Action' icon is disabled when accessing layer outside layar. (QAREV-206)
  • "refreshinterval" is ignored after changing views (from camera to map, map to list, etc) (MAIN-2331)
  • custom parameter in layar intent does not appear in the get POI request. (only when layar:// is called from outside of Layar client.) (QAREV-189)
  • screenshots on iPhone were processed in .png format which do not contain EXIF data. (MAIN-2317)
  • The camera view locks up when it is refreshed with lots of animations. (MAIN-1822)
  • No indication that objects are being downloaded in camera view. (MAIN-1423)
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