Known issues in Layar Vision Android Beta builds

In this post, we will list all the known issues for the Layar Vision Android beta builds. The latest Beta build can be downloaded here. Please have a look at this list to see whether your bug is already reported.

Layar Vision Beta 2.0 for Android,  on 6th Oct 2011

Please check out the release note for the changes in this build. You can find a list of known issues below:

Collapsed BIW is still present after collapsing. (MAIN-3820)

Vision object shows an action in the BIW when "autoTriggerOnly" and "autoTrigger" are true. (MAIN-3810)

Client hangs up, when user cancels triggered video action. (MAIN-3809)

Deleted hotspot is displayed on the radar. (MAIN-3803)

coming back to camera view using Layar intent is slow on Samsung Galaxy S 2 (MAIN-3553)

recognizedReferenceImage is not set in the POI request after image search (MAIN-3763)

[Comment]: We think it is fixed but need some testing to verify it. 


Android build number: Layar60-beta, 6.0 (15224)

  • Sansung Galaxy S2, coming back to camera view using layar intent is slow, often shows white screen and reopens AR view. (MAIN-3553, MAIN-2478)
  • BIW is displayed incorrectly in Map view, if "biwStyle":"collapsed". (MAIN-3711)
  • OpenGL lighting for Vision POIs is wrong. (MAIN-3491)
  • text.description is not wrapped correctly in list view. (MAIN-3505)
  • BIW is not showning while reloading/updating layer (MAIN-2285)

          [fixed in the latest internal build.]

  • Default animation: Server does not return "persist":true in the GetPOI response. (MAIN-2394)

          [fixed in the latest internal build.]

  • Tracking slow & choppy on Nexus S (MAIN-3125)
  • Simple appearance animation "spin" is not working properly. (Augment makes half-spin instead of full 3 spins) for Vision enabled POI. (MAIN-3080)
  • Screen orientation is too sensitive. (MAIN-2688)
  • Non-compressed view should be available for geo-location layer. (MAIN-2686)
  • Some phones, such as the Nexus S, have a small black bar at the bottom of the screen. This is a tradeoff to get better resolution and tracking quality.
  • Samsung Galaxy S2 often shows white screen and reopens the camera view. (MAIN-2478)

          [comment]: Please note that we think this issue is resolved, but if you still experience this issue, please let us know.

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