Known issues in Android Client v6.0.1

Please find the known issues in this release below. If you found any issues that are not listed here, please report them in the Android bug forum

  • Unable to select or download iamges (files) from web view. (MAIN-4184)
  • Distance value should not be shown on Vision POI BIWs. (MAIN-4178)
  • Web view: embedded video/audio does not stop playing after quitting the web view. (MAIN-4181)
  • Youtube links load blank page on some phones (MAIN-4132)

     [comment]: We spotted this issue on a Samsung Galaxy S II device. Please let us know if you also have this issue on your device.

  • Unable to close layer if "Replace filter" and "show filters before loading layer" are enabled (MAIN-4125)
  • Purchased layer can not be launched from layer details screen. (MAIN-4119)
  • Layar crashes with "out of memory" in some cases. (MAIN-4114)
  • AR view is displayed incorrectly, if user opens layer via "application/vnd.layar.async" action (MAIN-4113)
  • Featured list only contains 10 layers with no way to load more. (MAIN-4101)
  • Wrong POI CIW icons are displayed on map view (inner CIW icon should be used if POIs are not in focus). (MAIN-4072)
  • layar intent name check is not working properly in some cases. (MAIN-3939)

      [workaround]: This issue happens when the layer launched using the layar intent contains the layer name of the first layer. For instance, layer "base" has an action which launches layer "base2". The actual behavior is that layer "base1" will be refreshed. The workaround is to come up with a layer name which does not contain the first layer name.

  • Pushing the back button in the Layar web browser always brings the user back to the Layar app regardless of how 'deep' the user went in the browser.(MAIN-3671)
  • Coming back to AR view using layar intent is slow on Samsung Galaxy S2 (MAIN-3553)
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