Known issues in iPhone Client v6.0.2

Please see the known issues in Layar v6.0.2 on iOS platform (This list will be updated continuously):

  • Search results after scanning don't work (MAIN-4234)
  • Crash on fetching preview screenshot for the layer details page. (MAIN-4233)
  • Crash after pressing a button on layer hhn21 (MAIN-4232)
  • Action triggers while filter screen is displayed (MAIN-4229)
  • showDialog: "description" text does not wrap (and is instead truncated) even in the landscape mode (MAIN-4227)
  • No soft keyboard appearing in web view if showDialog object is introduced to the layer. (MAIN-4221)
  • Layar app crashes when refreshing the layer (after visiting other views and coming back to AR view) (MAIN-4183)
  • CIWs/2d images/3d objects are rendered smaller on iPhone. (MAIN-4179)
  • Distance should not be shown on Vision POI BIWs. (MAIN-4177)
  • custom parameter in layar intent does not appear in the get POI request. (only when layar:// is called from outside of Layar client.) (MAIN-2335)
  • The camera view locks up when it is refreshed with lots of animations. (MAIN-1822)
  • Tracking speed on iPhone 3gs/4 is not as good as iphone 4s. (MAIN-4144)
  • Additional settings screen should display before the AR view. (MAIN-4126)
  • Crash on iPhone while tracking. (MAIN-4115)
  • "price" button should not be displayed in the "favorites" screen after purchasing. (MAIN-4091)
  • Scan mode: application cannot find any layer, if user locks the device during searching. (MAIN-4003)
  • Crash during reordering favorites list. (MAIN-3924)
  • layer title truncated in catalog, search and detail view. (QAREV-247)
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