Known issues in iPhone Client v6.1

This list will be updated frequently. Please always check here for any possible known issues.

  • CIWs/2d images/3d objects are rendered smaller on iPhone. (MAIN-4179)
  • Tracking speed on iPhone 3gs/4 is not as good as iphone 4s. (MAIN-4144) [marked as Resolved, but needed to be tested]
  • Additional settings screen should display before the AR view. (MAIN-4126)
  • Scan mode: application cannot find any layer, if user locks the device during searching. (MAIN-4003)
  • Banner icon is not shown in list view. (QAREV-299)
  • "contentType" : "application/vnd.layar.internal", "uri": "layar:\/\/altergeolayar": the action does not work in the List view. (MAIN-2055)
  • POI title in BIW (portrait mode) is not wrapped over 2 lines. (QAREV-291)
  • onCreate animation: the final state of the animation is not kept once the layer is refreshed(QAREV-301)
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