Known issues in Android Client v6.1

1. Unable to select or download images (files) from web view. (MAIN-4184)

[remark]: This use case is not supported in Android webview. We do not have plan to support it in the near future yet.

2. Wrong POI CIW icons are displayed on map view (inner CIW icon should be used if POIs are not in focus). (MAIN-4072)

3. Pushing the back button in the Layar web browser always brings the user back to the Layar app regardless of how 'deep' the user went in the browser.(MAIN-3671)

4. Coming back to AR view using layar intent is slow on Samsung Galaxy S2 (MAIN-3553)

5. only CIW can be displayed in map view. (QAREV-298)

6. POI title in BIW (portrait mode) is not wrapped over 2 lines (QAREV-291)

7. Broken german translation for categories (QAREV-289)

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