Known issues in iPhone Client v6.2

Here is a list of known issues in iPhone Layar client v6.2.

  • iPhone client sends 2 getPOIs requests each time a request is made. (MAIN-4672)
  • Vision tip is misplaced in AR view when device is in landscape mode. (MAIN-4656)
  • The refresh button is misplaced in AR view when device is in landscape mode. (MAIN-4642)
  • Sometimes Camera view is disabled after switching back from list/map view. (MAIN-4627)
  • Vision layers: the tracking performance can be affected on iphone 3gs and iphone 4 when data traffic is high. (MAIN-4577)
  • Banner icon is not shown in list view. (MAIN-4516)
  • Category icons and layer icons reloaded each time the layar app is opened. Category icons are taking too long to show up. (MAIN-4430)
  • 3D model rotated when the axis is invalid. (MAIN-4424)
  • 2d images (defined in object.url) are not loaded when object.reducedURL is invalid. (MAIN-4391)
  • Vision POI with inFocus=true is not in focus when the reference image is recognized. (MAIN-4228)
  • layarshare intent does not work in the web view (MAIN-312)
  • Layer icon/banner icon are not updated successfully. (MAIN-4480)

          [workaround]: This caching issue is annoying when you are testing a layer and need to change the layer icon and banner icons from time to time. Luckily this should not affect users when the layer is published. Normally the new icon will show up if you remove and install the app again. 

  • CIWs/2d images/3d objects are rendered smaller on iPhone. (MAIN-4179)
  • Tracking speed on iPhone 3gs/4 is not as good as iphone 4s. (MAIN-4144) [marked as Resolved, but needed to be tested]
  • Additional settings screen should display before the AR view. (MAIN-4126)
  • Scan mode: application cannot find any layer, if user locks the device during searching. (MAIN-4003)
  • "contentType" : "application/vnd.layar.internal", "uri": "layar:\/\/altergeolayar": the action does not work in the List view. (MAIN-2055)
  • POI title in BIW (portrait mode) is not wrapped over 2 lines. (QAREV-291)
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