Known issues for Android Client v6.2.3

Here are the known issues in Android v6.2.3.

  • Set cookies are not sent. (MAIN-4907)
  • Launching "URL for layer settings" page crashes layar app on devices that do not run icecream sandwich. (MAIN-4908)
  • Compensate for magnetic declination of the compass not working (MAIN-4910)
  • Youtube video in or format will start twice. (MAIN-4889)

      [Work around]: Please only use normal youtube link which should work as expected.

  • Image icon sorting issue in list view (MAIN-4881)
  • CIW icons are not displayed in map view (MAIN-4698)
  • Periodically, waiting for location message on vision layers (MAIN-4717)
  • Search result clears and reloads again when switching from portrait to landscape (MAIN-4675)
  • Vision augments sometimes become disproportionately small/inverted. (MAIN-4671)
  • Opening a layer is very choppy (nexus s in particular) (MAIN-4669)
  • Tap to view and tap to continue is not very responsive (MAIN-4665)
  • When coming back to AR view, AR video restarts instead of continuing to play. (MAIN-4664)
  • AR view freezes when loading lots of big content (3d objects) (MAIN-4442)
  • Wrong POI CIW icons are displayed on map view (inner CIW icon should be used if POIs are not in focus). (MAIN-4072)
  • Pushing the back button in the Layar web browser always brings the user back to the Layar app regardless of how 'deep' the user went in the browser.(MAIN-3671)
  • Coming back to AR view using layar intent is slow on Samsung Galaxy S2 (MAIN-3553)
  • POI title in BIW (portrait mode) is not wrapped over 2 lines (MAIN-4486)
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