Known Issues in iPhone Client v7.0

Here is a list of important known issues in Layar App v7.0 on iOS platform.

  • 3D objects do not load if icon object is specified. (MAIN-5268)
            [Workaround]: Do not define icon object for the same POI if you use 2d or 3d object to represent a POI. 
  • Radius value in the getPOIs response overrules the radius value in the getPOIs request. (MAIN-5255)
            [Solution]: if radius value is present in the getPOIs request, it is often not necessary to return a radius value in the getPOIs response. 
  • Geo layar:// intent triggers 2 API calls.(MAIN-5225)
  • Sometimes can not adjust volume of AR video. (MAIN-5224)
  • Not showing errorString in Vision AR view (MAIN-5220)
  • Developer prefilled fixed geolocation is not passed through when launching a geo layer from external applications. (MAIN-5218)
  • Camera freezes for a few seconds when going back to the tracking view once close for instance an in-app web-view. (MAIN-5206)
  • Sometimes "no results" is shown when using text search for the first time. (MAIN-4969)
  • Layer icon/banner icon are not updated successfully. (MAIN-4480)
           [workaround]: This caching issue is annoying when you are testing a layer and need to change the layer icon and banner icons from time to time. Luckily this should not affect users when the layer is published. Normally the new icon will show up if you remove and install the app again. 

If you notice any issues, please do not hesitate to report them ! 

Thanks a lot in advance! 

Best Regards, 

The Layar Team
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