Known issues in Android v7.0.1

Here is the list of important known issues in Layar v7.0.1:

  • Layar crashes when launching the same vision layer using layar intent (layar://) int the web view. (MAIN-5377)
  • Sharing a screenshot to a developer defined url not available (MAIN-5363)
  • Additional setting page :Layer intent with refresh action does not return user to correct view (MAIN-5349)
  • Auto-trigger action is kept being fired if the layer is launched using layar intent. (MAIN-5336).
  • After closing video user is redirected to vision AR view, but previously opened layer is launched. (MAIN-5335)
  • AR view freezes sometimes when loading lots of big content (3D models) (MAIN-4442)
  • Geo layer: nothing happens when user taps the device menu button in Map view. (MAIN-5329)
  • Right arrow in the List view redirects user to geo AR view, but black screen is displayed instead of camera view. (MAIN-5304)
  • audio continue playing when user returns to Map/List view. (MAIN-5303)
  • AR video hangs up Samsung Galaxy S2 when user switches between pages a lot. (MAIN-5261)
  • Action is triggered every time when user taps an augment, even if autoTriggerOnly is set to true. (MAIN-5249)
  • Ar video not working on HTC Evo 4G and Evo 3D. (MAIN-5187)
  • Vision AR view is very slow on Samsung Galaxy S (android v2.2.1) (MAIN-5336)

Please let us know if you have noticed any issues in this release. Thanks a lot in advance! 

Best Regards, 

The Layar Team

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