Android Client v4.0.3

In this release, mainly bug fixing and several major issues that are introduced in the previous version are addressed. The APK file can be found in the attachment.

     Fixed bugs (major):

  • 3d models are not rendered. This is caused by the Gunzip. In this release, Gunzip is enabled and the 3d models are handled correctly.
  • Custom error message not shown on top of the radar. 
  • 2d object rendering: POI icons are not rendered correctly when no 2d object is available. This is related to the fallback mechanism of objects rendering.
  • 2d object rendering: Animated throbbers are too big when 2d images are close to the user.
  • Could not access the AR view after enabling both "Replace filters" and "show filters before loading layer". 
  • imageURL on the BIW: Images smaller than 100x75 pixels should not be streched in the BIW.
  • Sometimes, test layer list is not loaded completely. 
  • Weird characters on the Terms and Condition page on HTC legend.
  • Out of memory issues when taking screenshots.
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