Old Clients Releases

In this document, we will list major issues that have been fixed in each old layar client release.


Release date
OS /Platform
APK file
03/01/2011 v4.0 IPhone  
14/12/2010 v4.0.3 Android v4.0.3 APK
30/11/2010 v4.0.2 Android v4.0.2 APK
25/10/2010 v4.0.1 Android v4.0.1 APK
23/09/2010 v4.0 Android v4.0 APK
16/09/2010 v3.6.1 IPhone  
12/09/2010 v3.6 IPhone
01/09/2010 v3.6 Android v3.6 APK
06/08/2010 v3.5.4 Android  


Layar v4.0, IPhone:


     New changes (major):

  • The Camera View interface has been redesigned
  • The Camera View is stabilized using the gyroscope on iPhone 4
  • Layers now support new Layar API v4.0 features.
  • The 2d/3d objects rendering rules are changed (Please check this FAQ for details). 


Layar v4.0.3, Android:


In this release, mainly bug fixing and several major issues that are introduced in the previous version are addressed.


     Fixed bugs (major):

  • 3d models are not rendered. This is caused by the Gunzip. In this release, Gunzip is enabled and the 3d models are handled correctly.
  • Custom error message not shown on top of the radar. 
  • 2d object rendering: POI icons are not rendered correctly when no 2d object is available. This is related to the fallback mechanism of objects rendering.
  • 2d object rendering: Animated throbbers are too big when 2d images are close to the user.
  • Could not access the AR view after enabling both "Replace filters" and "show filters before loading layer". 
  • imageURL on the BIW: Images smaller than 100x75 pixels should not be streched in the BIW.
  • Sometimes, test layer list is not loaded completely. 
  • Weird characters on the Terms and Condition page on HTC legend.
  • Out of memory issues when taking screenshots.

      Known issues:

  • When using Layar 4.0.2 on HTC Legend with Froyo, the accelerometer fails a lot. It even makes image turn clockwise when the phone is turning counterclockwise.  (This is

reported by David from b_cultura, we are looking into this issue now.)


Layar v4.0.2, Android:


     New changes:  

  • mainly performance improvements, such as adding model sharing for 3d models,  


     Fixed bugs (major):  

  • several force close scenarios. 
  • List view crashes when it is in sleep mode. 
  • Showing a "null" message when "showMessage" parameter is set to NULL.
  • Login: problem with logging in with same account on two phones.
  • 2d/3d objects rendering issues in the AR view.
  • Motorola Defy:"Camera Access not possible"
  • "alt" parameter is not being sent in the POI request. 
  • Layar intent: POI icons are not shown in the AR view when launching a layer using layar intent. 



Layar v4.0.1, Android:


     New changes:

  • a change for PayPal to show their own standard button.

     Fixed bugs (major):

  • When "showMessage" parameter is null, a string "null" is shown on the client. 
  • Crash when phone is waking up from the sleep mode. 
  • Force close when opening the map view. 
  • Nearby: Force close after returning from the Camera view. 
  • "foodanddrink" layer crashes after launching.
  • Force close on TweepsAround->reply->click on Search. 
  • Force close when using Message Central layer
  • Performance improvement: Multiple objects pointing to the same model are downloaded multiple-times. 
  • Youtube video could not be played.


Layar v4.0, Android


     New changes:

  • Lots of UI changes for the AR view. Most of the functions can be found using the physical settings button on the phone.
  • New API v4.0 changes are implemented. They have been merged into the main API documentations. Please NOTE that if you have new API features implemented in your layer and your layer does not support lower client versions. Please check Required features->Layar API v4.0 features under the listing tab on the publishing site. This will make sure that your layer will be only available on Layar v4.0 Client.
  • New 2d and 3d objects rendering rules are applied. Please see TechNote for more information. 
  • Lots of bugs are fixed. 


Layar v3.6, IPhone


     A few major bugs have been fixed in this update:

  •  Fixes a bug on iOS 3.1.x where the 'play' button was not shown to start the AR view.
  • Fixes a bug in the About page where clicking a link would block the application UI
  • Fixes a bug for layer developers where fixed location would still be kept when logged out.

Layar v3.6, IPhone


     New features:

  • Unified Search (spots & layers)
  • Discover and experience content based on your location and preferences based on Layar's Stream Technology.
  • Home screen (Nearby view). Giving you access to the world of Augmented Reality. 
  • Yours. Bookmark your favorite layers and spots.
  • Navigation bar (on the bottom part of the screen). Easier and direct access to your content.
  • Click on the arrow button of a POI in Nearby view, the corresponding layer (AR view) is launched.


     Fixed bugs(major):

  • Intent to paid layer now launches the detail page of the layer if the user hasn't purchased it 
  • Better visibility of radar spots
  • Improved selection of 'icon', 'reduced' and 'full' resources when rendering 2d and 3d objects
  • Better user feedback when clicking buttons that take more time to process
  • Fixes screen sequence when launching intents
  • Fixes auto-triggers in map view
  • Now auto-triggers will also be triggered when launching a layer without movement on the user's part.
  • The browser screen messed up.
  • Intent not working with encoded "=".
  • Issues reported in layar "pathfinder"
  • Problem with text filters (layer "memlak") 


Layar v3.6, Android


     New features:

  • Supporting layar in landscape mode.
  • The choice to move Layar to SD card. 
  • Skyhook positioning (In order to get good results from using Skyhook, please submit wifi access point in skyhook database. )
  • Unified Search (spots & layers)
  • Top navigation Bar
  • Click on the arrow button of a POI in Layar Stream, the corresponding layer (AR view) is launched.


     Fixed bugs (major):

  • Ajax components not loaded in web view. 
  • Test layers list is not complete after coming back from the AR view.
  • Launch a paid layer from a web page, user is directed to the AR view.
  • Crashes after taking screenshots in certain cases. 
  • Accuracy is missing in the posted JSON object of the Message API
  • In layer Map view, sometimes the radar is empty
  • User authentication, comma issue in cookie settings.
  • not being able to play youtube video in web view. 


Layar v3.5.4, Android


     Fixed issues

  • layer shortcuts (on Android homescreen) and layer intents not working properly. 


Layar v3.5.3, Android


     Fixed issues:

  • Bad handling of the relogin after restart of Layar causing developers to see "Account not verified" message during testing.
  • Magnetic declination correction that makes the AR experience more accurate in certain parts of the world, including North America.
  • Added Hungarian language.
  • Several other improvements and bug fixes.
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