Release Note for layar v5.0 on Android

Here is the release note for Layar v5.0 release on the Android platform.

Main changes:

  • New UI focusing on discovery of layers. (Please see details on Navigation in Layar Client v5.0 page)
  • Animation API including simple appearance animation and fully customizable animations. (Please see details on animation for API 5 page)
  • Ability to share layers on Facebook and Twitter (built in functionality)
  • Ability to take screenshots in AR view and share to Facebook and Twitter (built in functionality)
  • Developer initiated sharing on layer and POI level via actions (please see details on Sharing API 5 page)
  • Removed pre-filled text (defaultText) for sharing on Facebook (please see details on Sharing API 5 page)
  • Ability to upload a screenshot to layer developer's own web server. (can be defined under the API endpoint section of the layer editing page in the layer publishing environment. )
  • User interaction Dialog feature in API v5.0. (please see details on User interaction Dialog API 5 page)
  • Added localization support.
  • Notification to end user when premium layers are unpublished.
  • We have disabled support for Skyhook in Layar 5.0 Android client. We will provide for an improved GPS experience in future releases

Fixed bugs:

  • Auto-triggered actions: Only the closest POI should be triggered when the user is within the auto-trigger range of multiple POIs. (MAIN-488)
  • URI format "" is now supported. (MAIN-529)
  • Layar intent to testing layers ends up in the layer catalog instead of the camera view of the layer (MAIN-1123)
  • Login issues introduced in previous 5.0 Beta version. (Please see details here. )
  • Each 2nd refresh of "Featured" list provides no results. (MAIN-1158)
  • no POIs shown on first start on HTC Desire HD. (MAIN -690)
  • POIs are not shown in the camera view when they are in focus on HTC Desire. (MAIN-1126)
  • Force close when user refreshes the "Samsung" category on Samsung Galaxy S (MAIN-1215)
  • Sharing: short description of some layers is duplicated after it was shared on facebook. (MAIN-654)
  • The detailed BIW is not shown on click on the POI icon when "showSmallBiw" =false and "showBiwOnClick"=true (MAIN-530)
  • No cookies sent with screenshot shared with developer (see more on Sharing API 5 page)

Known issues:

  • Force close on HTC Legend with Android 2.2
  • on HTC Legend, POIs with rel=true are not displayed in the camera view. (MAIN-966)
  • 2d images scale factor does not work when the scale factor is larger than 1. (MAIN-1240)
  • Youtube videos could not be played on HTC Hero with Android 2.1 update 1 (MAIN-946)
  • Improvements on GPS are needed. (MAIN-631)
  • "Reduced" 3d object is not visible in the AR view. (MAIN-1173)
  • A blank screen is observed after coming back from the call action. (MAIN-1227)
  • Links to "about layar" and "Privacy statement" both are going to where to download the app. (MAIN-1313)
  • The email sharing functionality is missing in the layer level actions (MAIN-1265)
  • Acurracy:N/A is displayed in the status bar of the camera view (affects Samsung Galaxy S) (MAIN-1122)
  • 2dimages are not shown if the "rel" parameter in the Transform object is set to "false" and angle is set to 0. (MAIN-742)
  • Resolution issue with HTC Wildfire.
  • A few issues reported on HTC Evo.
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    Dear All, 

    We just put a new update v5.0.1 in the android market. It includes a bug fix which should resolve the force close issue when launching layar for the first time after v5.0 update.

    Best Regards,


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