Release Note for layar v5.0 on IPhone

Here is the release note for Layar v5.0 release on the IPhone platform.

Main changes:

  • New UI focusing on discovery of layers. (Please see details on Navigation in Layar Client v5.0 page)
  • Animation API including simple appearance animation and fully customizable animations. (Please see details on animation for API 5 page)
  • Ability to share layers on Facebook and Twitter (built in functionality)
  • Ability to take screenshots in AR view and share to Facebook and Twitter (built in functionality)
  • Developer initiated sharing on layer and POI level via actions (please see details on Sharing API 5 page)
  • Removed pre-filled text for sharing on Facebook (please see details on Sharing API 5 page)
  • Ability to upload a screenshot to layer developer's own web server. (can be defined under the API endpoint section of the layer editing page in the layer publishing environment. )
  • User interaction Dialog feature in API v5.0. (please see details on User interaction Dialog API 5 page)
  • Notification to end user when premium layers are unpublished.

Important message:

  • Since Layar v5.0, the minimum requirement for the IPhone iOS is iOS4.0 and upwards. Layar will no longer support iOS 3.1.x.

Fixed bugs:

  • Rotating from portrait to landscape messes up the compass direction by 90 degrees (MAIN-1131)
  • Not being able to walk around a 3d model
  • relativeAlt parameter not correctly interpreted in the camera view. (MAIN-504)
  • After completely closing layer from background, Layar won't start again. (MAIN-1050)
  • The list view does not show any message or POIs while POIs are being loaded. (MAIN-941)
  • Deleted hotspot is displayed on the radar (MAIN-1080)
  • Activity message is not shown in the map view. (MAIN-1087)
  • Opened layer actions pop-up menu in Camera view is still in portrait mode when the device is changed from portrait mode to landscape mode. (MAIN-1100)
  • New filter settings will not be applied until user changes the search range. (MAIN-1028)

known issues:

  • POI icon (2d image) is cut off when it is two close to the user.(MAIN-1105)

         [Resolved as won't fix]: This is due to the limitation on OpenGL. We could not do much about it.

  • The same auto-trigger action is launched again when the layer is refreshed (the user is still in the auto-trigger range) (MAIN-1252)
  • Public layers can be found in search result regardless the countryCode parameter. (MAIN-1283)
  • No warning when location is disabled, client makes queries with lat/lon=0.000 (MAIN-469)
  • No localization support, only in English. (MAIN-954)

        [NOTE]: Other languages will be supported soon in the next small update.

  • Sometimes, layar crashes after waking device from sleep model. (MAIN-1214)
  • Layar app crashes while loading invalid 3d model.(MAIN-1272)
  • Design of layer detail page is not finished. (MAIN-435)


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    Dear All,

    Just to let you know that *we are aware of some crashing issues after updating to v5.0 from appstore. We are working hard to identify the issues and try to put a new update as soon as possible. *

    Best Regards,


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    Paul Lewis


    Can you also take a look at the action button icons as they're still flipped (activity type icons are flipped. (MAIN-863))




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    Hello Paul,

    Sorry, this issue is reopened now. I will remove it from this fixed list.

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