Release Note for layar v5.0.2 on Android

Dear All,

We just released a new update v5.0.2 to the android market. Please see the release note below. You can also find the apk file in attachment.


  • Compass accuracy has been improved
  • Layar no longer requires access to the contact list
  • Linguistics for several languages have been improved (Turkish translation was added)
  • Layar no longer crashes when updating to the new version
  • Several major bugs were fixed, such as 2d image rendering and scaling, etc.

Fixed bugs:

  • Issues regarding using async call in actions. (MAIN-1648)
  • geo: intent is not shown as an action in the client (MAIN-1429)
  • email action returns destination email as "//email@domain". (QAREV - 122)
  • Links to "about layar" and "Privacy statement" both are going to where to download the app. (MAIN-1313)
  • The email sharing functionality is missing in the layer level actions (MAIN-1265)
  • Compass-POI offset error (magnetic declination) (MAIN-1493 )
  • Sharing API: layarshare intent could not be used in the web view. (MAIN-1575)
  • Rendering & scaling problems with 2D images. (MAIN-1317)


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