Release Note for layar v5.0.2 on iPhone

Dear All,

Layar v5.0.2 should be available in the appstore now. We have fixed quite some bugs in this update. Please see the detailed fixed list below:

  • Internal web view shows blank page on iOS4.3.1 (QAREV-101)
  • Simple appearance animation is not working. (QAREV-105)
  • animation API is not applied to 2d objects in IPhone client(MAIN-1505)

  • Bird view/Eye view option is missing. (MAIN-1451)
  • Filters (custom slider and search box) have different parameter names in the getPOI request (MAIN-1402)
  • share button is disabled when sharing to facebook&twitter are disabled but sharing screenshot to dev is still enabled (MAIN-1488)
  • Layar intents do not work when launched through a html page. (MAIN-1568)
  • Endless loop when token expired response is received. The symptom is that "waiting for location..." message is shown all the time and no POI is returned. (MAIN-1657)
  • Public layers can be found in search result regardless of the countrycode parameter. (MAIN-1283)
  • Altitude rendering issue when alt:null is returned in the JSON response. This should mean that "alt" is ignored. (MAIN-1511)
  • 3D objects created using single facing polygons should be rendered. (MAIN-1625) 
  • 2D image POIs are rendered as default CIW. (MAIN-1424)
  • The launch button is too small (height-wise) to hit easily. (MAIN-1425)
  • Checkbox list order is wrong for some layers. (MAIN-1426)
  • Transform angle of 2d image POIs is rendered incorrectly. (MAIN-1603)
  • Actions can only be launched once in map view. (MAIN-1606)
  • Audio file launched by audio:// could not be played in the web view (QAREV-130)
  • "0 results found" status message shown before the getPOI request has even been made. (MAIN-1503)
  • If networt services are switched off, Layar app does not warn the user. (MAIN-1492)
  • Lighting of 3D models effects too strong. (MAIN-1421)
  • Action icons (activityType) are reversed. (MAIN-743)
  • Layer title is not encoded properly on Facebook (MAIN-1005)
  • While searching for layers on IPhone app, display the word "Loading" on main screen instead of "No Results", as it does currently.
  • Sometimes, layar crashes after waking device from sleep model. (MAIN-1214)
  • Layar app crashes while loading invalid 3d model.(MAIN-1272)
  • Design of layer detail page is not finished. (MAIN-435)
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