Release Note for layar v5.0.3 on Android

In this small update, we have fixed the following issues. Please also find the .apk file as attachment.
  • 3d animation: Pre-defined high-level appearance animations are not working. (MAIN-1814)
  • JSON response is shown when action type is application/vnd.layar.async . (MAIN-1749)
  • Not being able to walk around a 2d/3d objects using v5.0.2. (MAIN-1745)
       [Note]: Improvements have been made on a variety of devices.  Some devices may experience minor issues.  Please report them with your device information so that we may investigate further.
  • Pois on map without BIW not clickable . (MAIN-1739 )
  • Sharing: Location is displayed on the twitter feed even if geotagging was switched off before in Sharing screen. (MAIN-521)
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