Release Note for layar v5.0.3 on iPhone

We just released v5.0.3 to the appstore. Please find the changes and fixed issues below:


  •  Remove the bird/eye view from the layer settings page. (MAIN-1800)
  • Add a "refresh" button on top left corner next to the status message in the Camera view. Please note that This is only visible when you login with your layar developer account.(MAIN-1800)
  • On Detailed BIW: only allow Maximum of 2 action buttons per row. So that the action description is more visible now. (MAIN-1801)

Fixed issues:

1) icon/2d/3d objects rendering

  • The scaling issue while rendering 3d objects. (MAIN-1783)
  • Transform factors should be applied to the CIW icons when dimension=2 (MAIN-1805)
  • When "fixed location" is enabled, 'size' parameter for 3d objects is applied in reverse. (MAIN-1794)

2) Map view

  • "Take me there" action does not work in Camera and Map view. (MAIN-1820)
  • Map view is extended incorrectly when lat/lon is negative. (MAIN-1774)
  • Async updates not working in Map view. (MAIN-1755)

3) "showDialog" parameter and sharing API

  • "iconURL" is not loaded in showDialog popup.(MAIN-1803)
  • showDialog popup should have the same look&feel as the BIW on iPhone. (MAIN-1804)
  • Cannot share on Face book unless message text form has some input. (MAIN-1773)

4) Animation API

  • Simple appearance animation for 2d/3d objects are broken. (MAIN-1787)
  • 2d/3d objects are rotting in different directions, when axis y=1. (MAIN-1786)
  • certain animations are not working (MAIN-1738)
  • onCreate animation should be triggered when the object is first loaded in the camera view. (MAIN-1512)

5) Client settings

  • User should be notified when he switches device and the automatic login does not work anymore. (MAIN-1777)
  • Client still uses fixed location (developer setting) when the user is logged out. (MAIN-1743)

6) Developer API

  • Layer filter settings are still shown when "replace filter"is enabled. (MAIN-1753)
  • Infinite loop when action type is application/vnd.layar.async and method is POST. (MAIN-1744)
  • fullRefresh set to false works incorrectly (MAIN-1741)

(7) Alt and relativeAlt

  • altitude value in the response should only be picked up when there is a GPS fix. (MAIN-1908)
  • wrong altitude value is picked up when both altitude an relativeAlt are present in the JSON response. (MAIN-1909)


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