Release Note for Layar Vision Beta 2 on Android

In this second beta client, we introduced "visual search" feature to the client together with some UI changes. Of course, quite a few bugs were fixed. Please see below:

  • Getting "failed to download 3d models" message too often. 

[Comment]: We believe this has been improved. Please note that if you get this message, check the model size and it should not be more than 1mb. Also, good internet connection is needed. 

  • Client does not load an object, where "contentType": "image/jpg". (MAIN-3813)
  • AR view: Radar is displayed in portrait mode, but clue menu and messages - like in landscape mode. (MAIN-3808)

  • Layar intent with "action=refresh" doesn't work (MAIN-3804)
  • Vision feature sometimes stops working after launching layer or returning from http action (MAIN-3767)
  • Fixed a few crashing issues. (MAIN-3749)
  • OnUpdate animation is running before onCreate, if user launches a layer from "Recent" list. (MAIN-3738)
  • "showBiwOnClick": false causes a crash. (MAIN-3735)
  • BIW is displayed incorrectly in Map view, if it contains "biwStyle": "collapsed". (MAIN-3711)
  • text.description is not wrapped correctly in list view. (MAIN-3505)
  • Default animation "spin": only 1\3rd of animation is played (augment makes half-spin instead of full 3 spins) for Vision POI. (MAIN-3080)
  • OpenGL lighting for Vision POIs is wrong. (MAIN-3491)
  • BIW is not showning while reloading/updating layer (MAIN-2285)
  • Screen orientation is too sensitive. (MAIN-2688)
  • Tracking slow & choppy on Nexus S (MAIN-3125, Can not reproduce)




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