Release Note for Layar v6.0 on Android

We are proud to announce the official release of Layar v6.0 on Android. Please read the release note below and check out what's new!! The apk file is also attached.

Layar Reality Browser (Android Client) v6.0:

  • Detect, Track, and view Augments on real world objects with Layar Vision
  • Visual Search of Layar Content of Vision enabled layers
  • Layers As Start Page: Better accessibility to the Layar catalogue and search functions
  • Improved Augmented Reality View:
    • More screen real estate available through radar redesign
    • Thumbnail Clue menu accessible to users for Vision enabled layers
    • Accuracy and Range hidden under press on radar
    • Modified results messaging to include Vision augments
  • Updated opening screen to explain Visual Search to users
  • Removed older Welcome Tutorial as they were outdated
  • Removed Vision navigation tab from Android BETA 2 due to usability issues
  • Compatibility with API 6.0

Layar Publishing Site:

  • Controls to enable Layar Vision at layer level on new and existing layers
  • Billing Info added to Developer accounts to support Vision usage
  • Vision Usage added to Layer Definition for Vision Enabled layers
  • Updated API Test page to be compatible with all released versions of API
  • Change from BETA site: Layar Vision tab is now Reference Images.  This is a cosmetic change only.

Developer API v6.0

  • Updated getPOIs response to support Vision Enabled POIs.
  • Some parts of the API are restructured so that it is easier to create and maintain layers.
  • Changes on the root getPOIs response to have different BIW styles.

3D Model Converter v3.0

  • Overview panel : added "Minimum layar version" field which indicates on which layar client version this 3D model is supported.
  • Materials panel: material names are listed to ease material modification.
  • Materials panel:  material transparency is supported and can be manipulated using the Opacity value. The Opacity value embedded in .obj/.mtl files will be prefilled if it is present. By default, the value is 1.
  • Materials panel: color blending (alpha) is supported. when blending is enabled, it means that color value of this material is blended with the color of any other objects that are rendered behind it.  If it is disabled, it means the objects that are rendered behind it are hidden from view.
  • Materials panel: Added "Shader" with two options - default & nolighting. The "nolighting" option is for people who want to bake lighting effects into textures instead of relying on the standard lighting from the AR view.
  • "Save for version" option makes it possible to save the same model for different layar version. This is useful when you want to have your models work on various versions of layar clients. You can determine which 3d model should be returned in getPOIs response based on the "version" parameter in getPOIs request. Please NOTE that if you save the model for a specific older version, some features will be stripped from the model. For example, transparent materials might become opaque, and animated textures might be converted to a static version.

Bug Fixes

  • Collapsed BIW is still present after collapsing. (MAIN-3820)
  • Getting "failed to download 3d models" message too often. 

[Comment]: We believe this has been improved. Please note that if you get this message, check the model size and it should not be more than 1mb. Also, good internet connection is needed. 

  • Client does not load an object, where "contentType": "image/jpg". (MAIN-3813)
  • Actions attached to Vision POIs are still shown even if "autoTriggerOnly" and "autoTrigger" are true. (MAIN-3810)
  • AR view: Radar is displayed in portrait mode, but clue menu and messages - like in landscape mode. (MAIN-3808)

  • Layar intent with "action=refresh" doesn't work (MAIN-3804)
  • Deleted POIs are still displayed on the radar. (MAIN-3803)
  • Vision feature sometimes stops working after launching layer or returning from http action (MAIN-3767)
  • "Loading Video" dialog is displayed while video is running after locking and unlocking device. (MAIN-3754)
  • Fixed a few crashing issues. (MAIN-3749)
  • OnUpdate animation is running before onCreate, if user launches a layer from "Recent" list. (MAIN-3738)
  • "showBiwOnClick": false causes a crash. (MAIN-3735)
  • BIW is displayed incorrectly in Map view, if it contains "biwStyle": "collapsed". (MAIN-3711)
  • text.description is not wrapped correctly in list view. (MAIN-3505)
  • Default animation "spin": only 1\3rd of animation is played (augment makes half-spin instead of full 3 spins) for Vision POI. (MAIN-3080)
  • OpenGL lighting for Vision POIs is wrong. (MAIN-3491)
  • BIW is not showning while reloading/updating layer (MAIN-2285)
  • Screen orientation is too sensitive. (MAIN-2688)
  • Tracking slow & choppy on Nexus S (MAIN-3125, Can not reproduce)
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