Release Note for Layar v6.0.1 on Android

On 14th November, we released a small update v6.0.1 to the Android market. Please see below the change log:

  • Updated Visual Search button with new design.
  • Added tips to users on how to use Visual Search on opening screen and Scan screen.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • OnClick animation is not running, if "showBiwOnClick=false". (MAIN-4118)
    • Expanded detailed BIW is not displayed, if "showBiwOnClick=false" and "inFocus=true" (MAIN-4116)
    • Sometimes Geo POIs "float" into view and are not on the horizon. (mAIN-3957)
    • onUpdate animation is triggered on all POIs, instead of just the updated POIs. (MAIN-3879)
    • "recognizedReferenceImage" is not set in the POI request after image search. (MAIN-3763)
    • Category counts are empty on Android client (MAIN-4008)
    • Nexus One crashes intermittently during Visual Search (MAIN-3956)
    • Force close on HTC Thunderbolt (MAIN-3818)
    • 3d model is always shifted 20m away in the same direction from the exact location (MAIN-2393)

The apk file is also attached.

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